Privacy Policy

Kindly carefully read the most important policy of our website- Privacy Policy.

This website is made to be community used and uploading content is free, access of it is also free.

Our objective is only to provide a free medium to upload your RTI and share with other citizens

Identity Hiding in RTI posts
To safeguard the RTI activists we DO NOT allow publishing any private information along with any RTI File. We blur or remove it. Those who have applied/obtained the RTI , we hide all of their private information that can lead anyone to them.
No private data sell or supply to third party
Your login, password, email, contact information shall not be supplied to anybody. Those are only for to send you website updates and notification. Kindly don't divulge your identity information in anywhere in our website. Instead of using your real photos kindly use some icons in this website.
Your RTI is visible to the world
After removing your contact details we post your RTI which will be visible across the world for without any cost.
Ownership verification
Your content will be owned by you. For that you must validate OTP sent to your mobile and email. Your mobile & email will be kept private and will not be provided to anyone except to government agencies when asked for.
Payment Information
This will be kept private. However since GST is applicable on us, your details may be present in the GST bill however which will still be kept private
Communication History
We never keep any emails, chat history, call history of anyone in relation to this website. Our mobile meant for this website shall be cleaned of call logs every evening. All our email box shall be cleaned
Whistle Blower Policy
Our objective is only to provide a free medium to upload you RTI and share with other citizens. We will not bother, save or forward any information not related this objective. In short every information is completely private. We may need to keep identity details for GST / income tax details. If you are not making payment to us the there is no case of billing details present.
Communication with us
We urge you to create any different name email. You can create email in any fake name and after contact with us, you can close it and not use it for anything else. You can search for "Disposable emails" online. Best way is to use our website contact form which supplies only your IP address. For hiding IP address you can connect with your mobile data and the IP keeps changing and many users use same IP and identifying is very difficult and is done only in case of major crimes like terrorist attack or Rs. 1000 crore fraudester.
Our office,location and identities of those working
We don't ask this from you, we request you to not ask this too. We have decided to completely focus on our objective.
For more information please contact us.