About Us

Our objective is only to provide a free medium to upload your RTI and share with other citizens

Your hard earned RTI information must not be lost.

Government servants on whose salary public money is spent, so that they can provide us the information which is sought in RTI, these RTI information should be preserved to prevent wastage of public money.

This repository should be readily available to those who want the same information and analyze.

If the use of public time can make Wikipedia a great success, then by using the same public time we can add RTI files to link information, eliminate corruption and improve the efficiency of the Indian system. And this step can prove to be an invaluable boon for the Indian public.

In the end all this will lead to the victory of three important points. Public will get clean government system, efficiency of government will also increase and we also earn some money for bread and butter for our employees and also expand our small site to be useful for millions of Indians.