Lucknow General Post Office Employees Days Login Logout Timings

To check the attendance of employees of Lucknow GPO through their system login and logout timings

In most of the Government Organizations, employees arrived late and leave early and take leave but in government records they are present on time. It is likely that they will be signing the attendance register the next day for today.

Secondly, they shut down their services within seconds at lunch time and come very late after that. People get very less time to do their work and have to wait in queues.

To check such type of irregularities an RTI was filed in the Lucknow General Post Office seeking the details mentioned below :-

  • Provide the number of Systems/counters which deals in Speed Post, Register Post and in Payment Banking Services.
  • Provide the System Log in timing and Log out timing of counters that deal with Speed Post, Registered Post and Payment Banking Services from 02.05.2022 to 07.05.2022.

The point wise reply provided by the Central Public Information Officer are as follows :-

1.For point number 1, CPIO replied that :-
There are total 8 counters functional for Speed Post and Registered Post. And 1 counter is operational for India Post Payment Banking Services.
2. For point number 2, CPIO provided the login and logout timings of all the 8 counters from 02.05.2022 to 07.05.2022.
3. The Official RTI Request Application and the Official Answer provided by the CPIO is given below.
RTI Request Set
RTI Request Details
Application Type
Date of Filing
RTI Response Details
Date of Reply

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