Paschim Express (12925) VIP/Emergency Quota Distribution Details

To check the seat allotment in VIP/ Emergency Quota

Each train of Indian Railways has reserved seats under VIP/ Emergency Quota. This seats is to be used by Railway Officials or VIPs only in case of Emergency.

To get a seat under the emergency quota, a letter of recommendation issued by a gazetted officer or a concerned VIP has to be submitted in the office of Station Master before the start of journey to confirm the ticket.

An RTI was filed with Western Railway-Mumbai Division to obtain such type of data about the Paschim Express (12925) which originated from Mumbai Central Railway Station and the destination is Hazrat Nizamudin Railway Station, New Delhi.

The point wise details asked in the RTI are as follows :-

  1. From 06-11-2023 to 11-11-2023, how many seats were allotted or number of passengers travelled under VIP Quota/ Emergency Quota in Sleeper Class, 3AC, 2AC, 1AC in Paschim Express.(Kindly provide day wise categorisation of allotted seats).
  2. Kindly provide the designation of each traveller travelled under VIP Quota/ Emergency Quota in Paschim Express from 06-11-2023 to 11-11-2023 in each class. (Sleeper Class, 3AC, 2AC, 1AC)..(Kindly provide day wise categorisation of allotted).

The objective to sought this type of information is to make sure that railway officials does not involve in corruption activity by allotting VIP/ Emergency Quota Seats to non entitled person.

Reply provided by Central Public Information Officer on the above mentioned RTI is given below :-

  1. CPIO didn't provide the information sought in point number 1.
  2. CPIO provided the designation of those people who travelled or gave their recommendation to allot VIP/ Emergency Quota in Paschim Express from 06-11-2023 to 11-11-2023 as sought in point number 2. But he provide the VIP Quota Details of Sleeper Class only. Neither he provide the VIP Quota allotment details of 3AC, 2AC and 1 AC nor he gave any possible reason to not to do so.
  3. There is a possibility that he can forgot to provide the other class VIP Quota Details or there is also a possibility that something fishy is going on while allotting the VIP Quota that's why CPIO refrain himself to provide other class VIP Quota details.
  4. Also the RTI reply shows the lackadaisical approach of CPIO while handling the RTI matters as he provide half information.
  5. Applicant doesn't push his RTI application by filing first appeal to first appellate authority because it is of no use.
  6. Indian Railways store the details of VIP/ Emergency Quota allotment for 3 months only in this age of technological era. This 3 months window gave them a protection to not to get caught in case they are allotting VIP Quota seats to non entitled person. After that time period is finish they weed out any material related to the VIP Quota seat allotment.
  7. Readers can See Here the Reply of CPIO about the VIP/ Emergency Quota Allotment Details of Paschim Express. (12925)
  8. In case of any query regarding the RTI, our readers can contact us on +918869850001.
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