Pune Head Post Office Designations and Memo of Distribution of Work

To know the designations of Pune head post office and their official roles, responsibilities and working hours.
General Info

There are different types of posts/designation in every head post office or sub post office. Each post has a different duty which he/she has to discharge during his working hours.

Each positions/designations has roles and responsibilities, which the person holding that position has to perform at any cost.

In this regard, an RTI was filed in the Pune Head Post Office situated at Sadhuwasvani Chowk, Church Path, Beside Samaj Kalyan, Agarkar Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra in which information was sought about the name of each designation and memorandum of distribution of work.

The Point wise details asked in the RTI are :-

  1. How many positions/designations are there in Pune Head Post Office. Provide the name of each and every positions/designations (whether Gazetted or Non Gazetted) of Pune Head Post Office.
  2. Provide the details of the work/duty to be performed by each positions/designations (whether Gazetted or Non Gazetted) in the office in Pune Head Post Office.
  3. Provide the details of how the Pune Head Post Office staff attendance is recorded, whether by Biometric or through an attendance register.

The point wise answer of the concerned Central Public Information Officer is given below:-

1. For point number 1 CPIO replied that :-
The names of postions/designation in the Pune Head Post Office are as under :-
Post Remarks
Senior Postmaster. Gazetted.
Deputy Postmaster (ASPOS). Gazetted.
Deputy Postmaster HSG-1. Group B Non Gazetted.
Assistant Postmaster (HSG II) General Line. Group B Non Gazetted.
PRI(P) (HSG II). Group B Non Gazetted.
SNBCO Supervisor HSG II Group B Non Gazetted
Accountant Group C.
LSG APM Group C.
LSG PA Group C.
PA Group C.
SBCO PA Group C.
Oveseer and Sorting Postman Group C.
Postman Group C.
Caretaker Group C.
MTS Group C.
MTS Canteen Group C.
2. For point number the the CPIO replied that :-
The Memo of Distribution of Work for Every Post/Designation can be Viewed Here.
3. For Point number 3 CPIO replied that :-
Staff Attendance is recorded through an attendance register.


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